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1. Please register before placing any orders. When registering please fill out your complete address with city, state, and zip code, for faster processing.

1. Para poner una orden necesita registrarse primero. Proporcione su direccion completa incluyendo ciudad, estado, y zona postal, para un proceso mas rapido.

2. To select colors please click on the color blocks.  You cannot select multiple colors at the same time.  Once you have added the color, you can continue to select additional colors.  Some color blocks do not show the pictures but you can just click on the block and the color you want will be added to shopping cart.

2. Para seleccionar el color que quiere hagale click al cuadro con el color que desea. No puede agregar multiples colores a la vez. Ya que haya agregado el color que desea a la carreta podra agregar otros colores. Para ver lo que tiene en su carreta solo hagale click a "view cart" en la parte de arriba de la pagina. Algunos colores no se muestran en foto en los cuadros de los colores pero puede agregar los colores que desea con hacerle click al cuadro y sera agregado a su carreta.

3. Do not forget to select size run and quantity.

3. No se le olvide seleccionar la medida que quiere y la cantidad.


Q: What is the minimum order I can place and how about just 1 pair?



A: The minimum purchase is 1 case 1 color either 12 pairs or 18 pairs according to the styles.  We do not sell individual pair.

Q: Can I mix the style, color or size in a case?

A:  All the cases come with 12 or 18 pairs that are the same style, color and with pre-assorted sizes and cannot be mixed.

Q: Are the items listed on the website in stock?

A: Due to high volume of orders we received some items may be already out of stock by the time customers placed an order.  We shall do our best to fill as much as possible to each order.

Q:  How much is the shipping cost for an order?

A:  The shipping cost is determined by the each case’s dimension, weight and shipping location. 

Q:  How long is the delivery time of the order?

A:  Once we received the orders then we shall verify with our warehouse to ensure the availability of the items.  Usually the goods will be sent out to customers within 24 - 48 hours after confirmation of the payment plus the delivery time of the shipper.

Q:  Do you use other carriers beside FedEx?

A:  Our preferred shipper is FedEx Ground.  However, if the customers have their own shipping company to use, we can work with them.

Q:  I have a deadline to meet, can you deliver by that time?

A:  We will try our best to work with customers to meet their deadline.  However, due to high demand of the styles we carry, there are times we are not able to meet deadlines.  We suggest to place your order(s) well in advance in order to reduce the chance of missing the deadlines.  Please note RedShoeLover does not guarantee to meet any deadlines.

Q: What are the payment methods you accept?

A:  The Payment methods RedShoeLover accepts are VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.  Also, PayPal and Wire-Transfer.  NO COD.

Q:  I received my order and there are damaged items inside what should I do?

A:  When you received an order and there are damaged items, please email us the pictures of those damaged pieces individually and after inspection we shall issue credit on those items.  The same apply if you receive the style inside the box is not the same as the one you order.  Please visit ur RETURN POLICY page for more information.

Q:  When I receive my order the box was badly damaged during transit, how to handle it?

A:  We include shipping insurance to every order. Therefore, customer must present evidence of damage within the first 5 days upon receiving merchandise. We will resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Q:  If I want to place an order, what should I do?

A:  Each style picture has an ADD TO CART button to add the style you like to shopping cart.  Also, order may be placed using direct email or  We do not accept phone orders to prevent confusion as many styles we carry have similar names.

Q:  Do I need to submit my reseller’s information?

A:  If you are located or do business in California; state law required us to obtain a signed California Resale Certificate.  You can fax to us at 626-203-0671 or send us an email with an attached signed copy of CRC.  Please visit to print a blank California Resale Certificate (CRC).

Q:  How do you treat my information?

A:  We value our customers information and none of them will be released to third parties.  All information will be kept in strict confidential manner.

Other questions not listed please contact us.